Sunday, March 14, 2010

My arrival

I arrived to this world this morning via ceaserean.
This is a planned birth following doctor's advise.
My head was on top (sitting position) when the doctor took me up.
Daddy was in the operation room witness my birth but was not allowed to take any pictures in the OT room.
Mommy was in great pain coz the aneastetic did not take full effect on her right side. She was just hoping the process will end fast.

After the doctor took me out, they cut my unbilical cord and i started crying.
Mommy said i have a girl voice.
Daddy told mommy that i cried till my toes all curled and stretched out.
Mommy saw that too.
They stored my cord blood.
When the nurse showed me to mommy, she said, "is a girl" and showed my private part to mommy.
The first impression I gave mommy was
- I have a girl look
- I looked so pretty
- I have a rosy cheek
- I am fair

Mommy just couldn't believe I looked so perfect. Mommy couldn't feel who do I looked like - unlike my kor kor time, the minute he was out, mommy feels that he looked like daddy. I didn't look like mommy or daddy..

Daddy then followed me out and the nurses cleaned me up. I was then brought to mommy around 4pm for breastfeeding. Mommy now is an expert and I am a smart baby too. I latched on well the first time I am on mommy's breast. I feel so contented and immediately we feel the bond together.

Welcome to the world..everyone wished me.

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prince n princess mum said...

Your blog blog, just launched already got so many things to read d... Welcome to the world little cutie!