Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smart girl..

Isabel: why doll doll cannot talk?
Mommy: becoz it is not real. It is just a toy. Where is doll doll daddy and mommy?
Isabel: doll doll daddy and mommy died already.

Mommy was washing her new potty and she cannot wait to try on it.
Mommy: mommy has to wash it clean then dry it under the sun. Then only bel bel can use it.
Isabel: no..mommy...wipe can already.
(You are right isabel. )

I was fixing a new batman construction toy for her in the afternoon.  She was siting around me and I was busy reading the instructions and putting all the pieces together.
Isabel: mommy...why you put the body wrong?
Mommy ignored her thinking she doesn't know what she is building. But isabel kept repeating the same sentence.  Finally mommy took a closer look at the body and found out she really fixes the body upside down...
She must have noticed the logo upside down but the logo was so tiny and she was just looking from far. She is really an observant girl.

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