Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday program

My school ends on 30 nov. But mommy wanted to bring kor kor for swimming lessons, so she has to sign me up on something to occupy my first week of dec. Mommy signed me up for a week of yoga and art craft holiday program organised by fun4kids. It starts at 9am and ends on 12.30pm. Just nice for mommy to pick me up after kor kor swimming lesson.

I was excited before going and kept asking mommy is it a big school like kor kor school. Mommy said no. Anyway I was still looking forward to it. But at the end of the first day, the cheh cheh didn't allow me to wash hand after the painting work,  I felt upset and started crying.

When reached home,  mommy asked me whether I like this school or not...I told her..this big school no friend, my small school has many friends. ...I think I still prefer my small school. The next day we were a bit late and the teacher so worried that I didnt want to go anymore. .

Note from mommy.

Mommy is proud of you that you didnt cry or wanted me to stay or leave or cling on to mommy on the first day. Even some older children was crying and refuse to join the group.  You are really an independent girl...mommy is so proud of you.

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