Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Musicgarden cs trial class

Last night mommy sent u to musicgarden cs trial clasa. Mommy so proud of you that you can go inside the class alone without mommy accompanying you coz mei mei was crying at home and daddy was not back yet from work. All other children went in with parent except you.

The feedback from teacher rebecca...
Your confidence level has boost up many folds. ..total change from last time. You are very independent.  But you are also an attention seeker. Exactly like ur gor gor. You will just laugh and laugh in the class. But teacher said u may be having low self esteem..u are covering up yourself with the tough outlook but deep inside you, you may lack of confidence. Example..teacher asked u to do an action..you refuse to try and said u cant do it. You tried to cover it by kept laughing. 

mommy dont feel good after listening to those comments...like darren..mommy doesnt want you to be like gor gor..mommy want you to be better than gor gor.

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