Friday, November 14, 2014

Feeling insecure?

Lately you have been very clingy  and feeling a bit insecure. You always wanted us...especially daddy to carry  you all the time...wanted mommy to accompany u to classes..always say I miss you mommy..I love you mommy. Not only to teacher too..mommy showed u new school. .u showed no interest..nowadays u prefer to stay at home and play toys. U want back your old school. ..I think you are feeling a bit insecure...

Sorry Isabel that mommy couldn't spend much time with you...I think we have been neglecting you due to bb and you are feeling insecure. Every time u ask  mommy to play with u or spend time with u...mommy has to say no or later. So sorry.. bb is taking too much of mommy's time. Mommy will try to spend some time with you ok...

I hope this stage will go away soon as mommy feel  bad seeing you so insecure. Today u even cry when mommy sent u to school. But u like Chinese class lately. .that's not bad..

Isabel. .mommy wanted to tell u...even though mommy is not spending much time with you..mommy still love you ok?

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