Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 7 months old

A very backdated post...

1. Taking 5oz of milk 5-6 times a day. 3-4 hourly. Mostly on formula now since mommy admitted hospital 3 weeks back.
2. Started cereal 3 days before I turned 7 months. I dislike cereal initially but now I am ok with it. It takes time for me to adjust to a new food.
3. I have no problem drinking first half of the milk but come to 2nd half, I will need to hold something in my hand and play with it. Or else, I can't finish my milk. Even with something to play with, I still always leave 1 oz behind.

1. I still do not have a routine. I am a poor napper. There was once I could nap longer but after mommy came back from her Ipoh trip, everything went downhill. Now with the renovation on, it is even worse.
2. Night time is ok. Since I slept with daddy when mommy was away (Ipoh trip and hospital), now I can sleep better in the master bedroom with everyone.
3. My napping place can be on my own cot in bb's room, on kor kor's mattress in master bedroom or on my cot in master bedroom or on mommy's bed in master bedroom.

1. I am very playful starting this month.
2. I am very responsive.
3. I always want people to play with me, talk to me.
4. I will cry when seeing people walk away from me.
5. My legs are very strong. I can grab things with my legs.
6. I can turn very fast. The single mattress downstairs is too small for me now. Within a minute, I can roll out of the mattress.
7. I can't crawl yet but I can move my body to the directions I want and grab my toys.
8. I get bored with my toys easily.
9. I like to chew on hard plastic parts, not the soft teether. I put almost anything in my mouth.
10. I started baby talk..first word..tata..then mama or mum mum... Daddy likes to hear me talk.
11. I don't sleep during my outing unless mommy carries me. I don't sleep in the car seat or stroller. That's why mommy doesn't want to bring me out.

Happy 7 months to me...

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Leona said...

Lovely pictures of you, Isabel!