Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mommy is so proud of you (sleep)

updated by mommy on my 6 mths 3 weeks and 2 days old.

If you read my previous post, you will know how hard I tried to make Isabel sleep on her own and we all FAILED to do that. Surprisingly, when I started to give up and take things easily, miracles happened.

Finally Isabel was able to sleep on her own in her baby cot continuously for 3 times (last night, this morning and this afternoon nap) without much fuss. I was overjoyed when she did it again during her afternoon nap just now.

She was sleepy. I put her down in her own cot. She played on her own. Throw her pacifier away and kicking here and there. I was sitting at my bed. I put extra cot bumper at the side and she couldn't see me now. She played and played for about half an hour, make some noise...and finally she felt asleep on her own without pacifier, patting, carrying or rocking though it took some time. Last night, she fell asleep while I was washing up in the washroom and I asked hubby to check her up in the baby's room because she has not sleep yet. Hubby came back with the surprised answer that, "She slept already".

I never expect that to happen honestly. After the previous incident, I told myself to take it easy. When I started to let go, things slowly fall into places. Well, she may not be able to sleep on her own EVERY TIME. But to me, as her mother, it is a big achievement she has achieved that I feel so proud of..although it may be only this THREE's good enough for me to shout at this moment.

I hope she can continue sleeping on her own. I hope I can be persistent enough not to carry her and have the time to let her go to sleep on her own. I hope her time to drift to sleep will be shorter and she sleeps longer. I hope...I really hope one day, I can just put her into her own cot when she is sleepy and I can come out of the room and she will drift to sleep on her own.

Anyway, if she can't, it's ok too...just take it slowly and don't put too much pressure on myself and the baby...

At the moment, I am a proud and happy mama.

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prince n princess mum said...

Finally...... I'm sure you'r super happy now..