Friday, November 5, 2010

First time potato

Mommy introduced me potato last week, after I showed no interest in carrot.

She steam the potato and put it into the blender and blend together with milk. It becomes mashed potato.

First day, as usual, I find it so yucky to try on a new food. I don't really like it and I didn't finish the portion.

Second day, I started to accept the food as it has my milk taste. Kor kor has a big bowl of mashed potato together with me too. I finished the whole BIG bowl of mashed potato this time.

Third day, I started to fall in love with this food. I ate so fast and wanted more but today mommy did not prepare a lot. Just within minutes, I finished my bowl of mashed potato. Mommy bought organic potato for me this time.

Forth day, mommy poured too much milk into the blender and it came out so watery. Yucks..not the texture that I wanted..I didn't really like it this time. I cannot finish the whole bowl of watery mashed potato.

Next..mommy is going to introduce me sweet potato.

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LittleLamb said...

Philip started with sweet potatoe as solid. We used the purplish ones. Yumz. Then sweet potatoe+carrot.