Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm sick...

@ 8 mths and 5 days old

Kor kor passed the virus to me last Friday and I started falling sick on Saturday. Started with fever on Saturday evening and proceeded to cough and flu. I got worse on Monday and mommy sent me and kor kor to a nearby pediatrician. The pediatrician said there was some wheezing sound at the airways and likely a virus attack.

Towards the evening, I looked really sick. Teary eyes, blocked nose, bad cough and I get agitated easily. Not happy with everything. Another fever attack at night too. Daddy decided to send me to Sunway and see my usual pediatrician the next day.

Confirmed it is a viral attack and doctor prescribed me 4 types of medicine. Mommy already felt the stress in feeding me medicine because I rejected medicine very much. No choice I have to take it. After force feed me for about 2 times, I am slowly accepting it now - not too difficult to feed me but still needs lots of distraction and singing song sessions. However, there is a particularly one type that I hate and I have to take 4ml somemore. Other than that, the other two I don't resist much. Since my fever did not come back since Monday, no need fever medicine then.

Mommy is praying hard that I recover soon as my block nose and coughing make me hard to sleep soundly. I still have lots of phlegm and can hear from the way I breathe. However, my eyes not that teary anymore. I don't look so sick now.


LittleLamb said...

Get well soon.

prince n princess mum said...

Speedy recovery!

Ann said...

hope she gets well soon. maybe rub vicks on the soles of her feet and wear socks?