Monday, December 6, 2010

Commando style crawling

@ 8 months 3 weeks

Yes...I started commando style crawling few days back but officially this 2 days, I have been crawling a lot. My moves are more obvious and I especially like to crawl on the floor than the mattress. I can crawl faster on hard surface. Mommy always worried my head will hit the floor but I know how to be careful when I want to turn back. I will slowly put my head on the floor, don't think I am stupid ok?? Although sometimes I cannot estimate the space and knock my head a little bit but it is ok.

Now, I can crawl very fast to grab the things I want. I especially like to grab kor kor's things. Whatever he is having/holding, I am interested to have it too.

So, mommy need to keep an eye on me closely because I like to crawl under the tv cabinet to reach out for the box or play with the base of the playpen or the wheels of the walker. Mommy don't mind me exploring, she is just afraid I put my mouth on it.

Hoorey..I am happy that I am so mobile now ...

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