Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strong legs

@ 8 months 3 weeks

I have a pair of strong legs. Whenever I am sleeping in the master bedroom, the cot is smaller, hence my legs always stick out from the bar. My legs can go out from the one bar and go in from another bar. Sometimes I cannot pull it back and need to scream for help. I also like to lift up the cot bumper using my legs or stick my legs under the cot bumper and lift it up. So, cot bumper cannot prevent me from sticking my legs out.

Not only that, my legs are as strong as my hands. I can use both my legs to grab things, hold things. My kicks are very strong too. I love to lift both of legs up and drop it on the bed hard hard. I love the feeling of bouncing my whole body up and the sound of it. I especially like to do that on a hard floor. Mommy always worried my legs will be painful but no la...I just like the hard surface of the ground.

When I fight with mommy, during feeding or medicine time, I use both hands and legs to push away mommy's hands/bottles/syringe. Mommy needs to anticipate my action, or else, everything will drop on the floor...geng leh?

I have a pair of strong legs...even doctor said so...hahaha...

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