Sunday, November 13, 2011

A detailed 20 months milestones updates

It has been a long time since I updated Isabel's milestones. She has grown up so much till that I find it hard to keep track of her milestones monthly. Let's see what she has been up to today...

1. She is sleeping better this month. She has stopped midnight feed. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, usually I just need to carry her, comfort her a while or give her the pacifier and put her down and she will sleep again. I can say that she has started sleeping through the night in her 19 months. (keeping fingers crossed)

2. Proud to say that she is still sleeping on her own in her own room now.

3. I am putting her in a sleeping sack during night time(thanks mil to sew one for me), so that she cannot climb out from the playpen when she wakes up. She can climb up the playpen now and had been very adventurous with that.

4. She likes to hug her soft toys to sleep at night. It can be her minnie, mickey, pooh bear, or bear bear and now she has a new doll doll. She also has her 2 favourite bolsters.

5. Her normal sleeping time range from 9.30pm to 10.30pm and wakes up between 8.00am to 9.00am. Her first nap will be 11.30am - 12pm and wakes up latest by 2pm. Second nap starts around 5pm - 5.30pm and wakes by latest by 7pm. Her nap lasts around 1.5 to 2 hrs each. We will wake her up if she didn't wake up the time she supposed to. But lately she has started waking up as early 7.15am. Usually I will give her morning feed at this hour and most of the time she will sleep again till 8am+.

6. When she wakes up in the morning, she likes to laze around in the room/on the big bed for a while. Then slowly, she will venture to the floor and laze on the floor and later starts playing with her toys in the room. She likes to lie on big pillow. Certain days, she likes to sleep on the big bed. SHe likes to lie on kor kor's bed every time she gets into our room.

1. Didn't like her food but love adults food. Still doesn't like porridge and needs fish on EVERY meal. She also like to spit out the porridge like a process machine. Need to put on her favourite show, then she will eat nicely. SHe will spit out any chunky part of the food and I still need to blend her porridge for easy feeding.

2. She can finish a bowl of porridge and a big slice of fish every meal. Her porridge contains at least 2-3 times of vegetables (green and orange colour) with ikan bilis soup. Daddy fillet the fish for her.

3. She started on babies tit bits this month and we also start letting her try on a variety of adults food like fried rice, noodles, fries.

4. She likes fruits. Especially orange and apple and banana. She will look for hubby for fruits every evening after our dinner time. Her eyes are very sharp and her nose is very sensitive. She can see/sense that Darling is taking out fruits from the kitchen while she is playing or can smell if Darling is peeling orange and will run to him pastering for "oran..oran...".

5. I have started introduce her "misua" with soup this month. She seems to accept it well. I need to slowly introduce her a variety of "grown up" food soon.

6. She loves bread. Whenever she sees bread, she will want to eat it. She also loves raisins. Honestly, I have not been adventurous with her in food as she is so fussy with her main meal, that I stopped exploring her with other food that has strong taste. I am afraid she will rejects her plain porridge more once she has tasted other food.

7. Most of her teeth is out, except the lower and upper Canine. However, I can see that it is growing and has already cut through her gum. I am not sure her 2nd molar has out or not but if I remember correctly, it seems like out already.

1. She is one playful girl. Her favourite playmate is her brother. She plays very wild with her brother. She is one "monkey see, monkey do" - just follow what the kor kor does and try to do it on her own. Example, kor kor jumps, she attempt to jump too even though she has not mastered the jumping skill yet. Kor kor lie down on the floor, she will do the same. Kor kor dance, she will dance too. She is very happy when she is her kor kor and even happier when the kor kor started running because she will start chasing after him and mommy will have to scream (usually at the kor kor) to stop them from running.

2. She loves to play ball, puzzles and bubbles. She is good in fixing wooden puzzles. She loves to draw too (learn from kor kor).

3. She can stack the wooden blocks (she will count 1,2,3.up to 5) or lego blocks like a tower.

4. She started some pretend play with her doll doll like feeding them milk or food.

5. She can play better without kor kor around. She can play on her own for some time without our help. But with kor kor around, she will usually disturb him, fight toys with him and just run around with him.

6. She loves playing her iPad. She can handle the iPad very well, selecting her games, choose her songs/videos in youtube and navigating the screen.

7. I allocate one session of structure play time with her in my room everyday.

1. Improved a lot in her speech this month. She has started saying 2 syllabus words and starting to form 2 words sentences like

- I do, I play, I see, I take..
- never mind, good morning, thank you, eye brow

2. She can tell me "ng ng" or "shit shit" after she has passed her motion. SHe will point to her belly button or naked body and say "shame shame". She will say "share share" if wanted something from someone else. "She will say "mum mum" when she wants to eat. She will say "bathe bathes" when I take off her clothes and lead her to the washroom. She can say "walk walk" if she wants to come down from stroller or tricycle. She will say "milk milk" if she wants milk. Basically she starts to convey her message through speech.

3. She can say other words like "chair, park, pants, iPad, princess, halo, bye, bread, drink, kai kai, fish, drop, hoorey, pretty, dirty, ball, bubbles, baby, mommy, daddy, kor kor, gong gong, aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa, poh poh, jia jia, mei mei, di di, book, nice, play, phone, doll doll, bear bear, hat, tacle (spectacle), tiker (tickle), geli, itchy, bite bite, cream, milk, apple, oran (orange), star, quare(square), shoe, berd (bird), dog, cat, number 1-12, most of the alphabets........(can't recall all)

*what I mean "know" here is she can actually it out.

1. She knows 1-10.

2. She knows 90% of the alphabets. Sometimes some of our hair drop on the floor and form a shape like an alphabet, she will point to us and tell us it is a c or g or s.

3. She knows shapes like square, star, triangle, circle.

4. She knows colours like red, blue, green and yellow.

5. She knows the body parts like, eye, nose, mouth, ear, eye brow, hair, head, hand, leg, belly button (she calls this "shame shame").

6. When we go to car park, she will point at the pillar and read to us the numbers or alphabets that printed on it. When we enter the lift, she will read out the numbers or alphabets (G, LG,C) at the buttons or screen in the lift.

7. She is good in playing one of the iPad game that shows 3 to 6 alphabets and she has to point to the right alphabet after hearing what the iPad says. She gets it almost all right most of the time, unless she is not paying attention. She will follow the ipad to say "good job, perfect, hoorey" after she get it right.

8. She can hum ABC song and twinkle twinkle little star. She will try to sing and only manage to utter the last word of each sentence.

1. She is more socialable as compare to her younger days. She is willing to greet people.

2. She loves to play with children.

3. She is closer to her grandparents nowadays.

4. She is willing to sayang(hug), shake hand, hi-5, flying kiss with people when asked to.

5. She is willing to say "halo xxx" and "Bye" (together with waving her hand).

Physical skills
1. She can jump a bit - learn from kor kor.

2. She runs very fast.

3. She attempts to walk up the stairs by holding on to the side bar.

4. She can climb on to our bed. SHe is very good in climbing. She can even climb out from her playpen. She can climb on any grill and safety gate too.

5. She can kick a ball. She can throw a ball.

6. She always wanted to sit on a slide but we are afraid to let her slide down on her own. But I can sense that she is an adventuorus girl. She likes "thrill".

7. When she sees me taking out her meal, she will sit on her booster seat by herself and pull the tray in on her own.

8. She can sit on a children chair on her own and attempt to stand on chair.

9. She tries wearing pants and socks on her own.

10. She can put on her spectacles on her own. If the spectacles get misallign, she can adjust the spectacle herself.

1. SHe is very sensitive and emotional girl. She is also very manja. SHe is also a little timid.

2. SHe will run to daddy and wants daddy to bau bau (carry) when daddy comes back from work.

3. SHe will run to me and demanded me to bau bau her too when she sees me coming back from somewhere.

4. When she sees/hear kor kor cry, she will get affected and started crying too.

5. When she hears some sad song/melody, her eyes will get red and fill with tears and not long, she will start crying.

6. She likes to say "scared scared"..sometimes to loud sound, lights or something I don't know. When she is scared, she will lung herself towards me and hide her face in my body. But at times, loud thunder also doesn't affect her. I can't foresee what really frighten her. I suspected sometimes it could be her being too manja.

Overall, she is defintely not a baby anymore. She has grown up a lot and I find that she is more matured. I can't recall Darren knowing so much at this age. SHe is definitely a smart girl and I think she is very adorable too..hahaha...well, which mother doesn't think their own kids are the cutest in the world right?

Anyway, Isabel, mommy wanted to tell you, you are really the gem in the house and you bring us so much joy and laughter. Everyone just love you so much...and mommy love you HEAPs too...muaks..muaks...

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