Monday, October 31, 2011

Share share

Incident 1
The other day daddy brought back a new ipad. Kor kor and I were fighting for it. I kept telling kor kor "share share" and asked kor kor to share it with me.

Incident 2
Daddy brought out a box of blocks. Kor kor and I were playing with it. I was stacking the blocks and kor kor was building something. After I was bored with my stacking, I went and disturbed and destroyed kor kor's building. Kor kor was angry and didn't want to play with me.

He then went to bring out a doll and play with the baby stroller. I dashed to him and fight for the stroller too. It was kor kor's doll that sat in the baby stroller and mommy immediately went upstairs to bring down my doll, so that I won't fight with kor kor.

But I still refuse to give kor kor's doll back to him. I took my doll and passed to kor kor and told kor kor "Share share"...I wanted kor kor to share his doll with me and I can share mine with him.

When kor kor finally accepted my doll and started hugging it, I went to him and wanted my doll back again. I threw his doll back to him and insisted my doll back.

So I was like kept wanting what kor kor has and mommy kept pursuading kor kor to give me what I want and take the other..kor kor was so kind...

Notes from mommy:
This girl, if she wants something and kor kor is having it, she will tell kor kor "share share", so that she can play with it.

But when she is playing something and kor kor wants it, she will not share it with kor kor and will throw tantrums, so that she can have it.

I am trying not to let her be so dominent and bully kor kor all the time. She is definitely a big bully to kor kor.

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prince n princess mum said...

My girl top word to say also: share share.. haha!