Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready for potty training?

@ 2 years and 6 days old.

Yes..I think I am ready. All the while mommy didn't really bother to potty train me because she is waiting for my sign of readiness. But she did show me the blue potty that kor kor was using and I have been "playing pretend shi shi and ng ng" on it for some time. Mommy thought she will only start training me after kakak leaves in April.

This morning when I was walking down the stairs (just woke up), just when I was reaching the final steps, I paused and feel the urgency to "push". Mommy spotted this moment and asked me whether I want to ng ng and asked me to wait. Immediately she took out the potty and removed my pants and diaper (luckily I have not pooed yet), she put me sat on the potty. It was funny and after a while, I finally pooed in the potty. Yeah..this marked my FIRST time pooed in the potty..yes..mommy was too lazy to let me poo in the potty since young. I know many young babies were trained to poo in the potty even before reaching 6 months old..

When I heard the sound "pop", I was scared and stood up and looked into the potty. I saw a big brown thing inside the potty and get scared. I didn't want to sit on it anymore and requested to wash my buttock instead. Anyway, it was a good start. Mommy then washed my buttock, then brought me upstairs to change.

When we reached the room, while mommy was taking out a new disposable diaper, I stood in front of the toilet door and kept telling mommy, "ng ng.." but mommy ignored me. Mommy thought I wanted to go in and played water. She told me I have just ng ng. And suddenly I cannot hold anymore, I PEEed on the floor mat. Only then mommy knew my "ng ng" actually referring to "shi shi". I get confused.

Mommy felt so sorry to ignore my request but she was proud of me. She knew at least I know when to tell I want to shi shi. She knew from that moment, I am ready for potty trained. She could have started today but since everyone is busy with work before kakak leaving, she is putting this on hold.

In the afternoon, I told mommy I wanted to ng ng also. She ignored me again but I kept making noise in front of the toilet door. SHe gave me the potty but I refused to sit. I was holding a cup and she thought I wanted to play water. Anyway, I was making too much noise and she put me in and let me sat on the adult WC, WITH my diaper on, just to satisfy me. But later, she really heard sound of shi shi coming out. I peed in the diaper. Another round of sorry since she didn't trust me again.

In the evening, before taking shower, mommy wanted to cut my hair. Again, I told her I wanted to ng ng and this time, she understood my request. She put me on the adult WC and I did shi shi in the adult WC. Mommy is definitely proud of me.

Of course, I still have many incidents that I peed in the diaper without telling mommy. But I think I am ready for potty training provided the adult has the time to do it. I think it is fun to pee in the toilet because I get to wash hand and play water inside the toilet.

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