Monday, March 5, 2012


Last Saturday, daddy and mommy brought us to a place which is very fun to play. There were many children around and the children can run around without worrying about cars.

I was sitting in the stroller earlier and was pushed around (luckily daddy brought along stroller). I was facinated by the surrounding and there were so many things to look around.

Someone even passed me some money after scanning my "Ben10" watch..yes..I told mommy, "nice nice..Ben10"..

Mommy said it is me..there are just papers..

After sitting for sometime, I get too bored and requested to be come, I get to walk walk...I then saw kor kor inside a house and I kept calling "kor kor..kor kor..Darren.." But mommy asked me don't disturb kor kor because kor kor is building houses. I watched from outside..

I enjoyed walking around and climbing on those dividers. I like to lean on the railing too. I even want to participate and go in to those places but mommy said I am too young. They don't accept us..I cannot make money yet..:(

So, I "walk walk stand stand", has nothing to I eat fries lor..daddy bought me fries and doughnuts...

Later, I get too bored and mommy was too tired chasing after me, she brought me to Urbano's school. I love it there...

We spent about 15 mins in the school, then proceed to the Urbano's house.

I love playing at tha ball pool...

Later, I played at the kitchen..

I get so tired after all the playing and fell asleep in the stroller while kor kor went to be a fire fighter. I was afraid of the fire engine sound and close my eyes and hug mommy's tight.

When I woke up, it was time to go home. I had a great day at Kidzania today though I cannot make or earn money..but it was still fun..

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prince n princess mum said...

Haha! All the kids also 'refer' the watch as Ben10 watch... :p

Nice to meet you up that day, though we don't have much time to chat since busy looking at the busy 'working' kids.. hahaahha~~~