Thursday, October 25, 2012

Milestone: 2 years 7 months, 1 week and 5 days old

updated by mommy..

This milestone is definitely long overdue. I think I better update whatever is in my mind now before it slowly diminishes from my memory..

1. Sleep:
- She still sleeps in her playpent in her own bedroom and in a sleeping bag. She sleeps without light on but with some blue light shining out from the air purifier.

- I tried to implement early bedtime but fail miserably. So, she now sleeps around 11pm. Sometimes she may fall asleep only at 12am. However, once I put her down in her cot, I leave it to her. I told her that she has to sleep and if she is not, she cannot call mommy too. Sometimes, she may asked for this and that and give tons of excuses just to look for me.

Example last night:
She tried to sleep but could not and called me. I usually walked in and with a stern voice and asked "What do you want?". She told me, "Mommy phone got message..beep that...mommy pressed the phone.." . Whatever she said defnitely not true.

2 nights ago:
She told me "My pants clothes drop also.."
She is still wearing her sleeping bag to sleep and her clothes can't possibly dropped. Anyway, I gave it a check and told her that her clothes didn't drop. She insisted that "Got...see..(pulling her shirt out from the sleeping bag) clothes dropped.."

Usually if I gave her milk, then she will sleep very soon after that.

- Sometimes she still gets up for midnight feed, if not, early morning feed.

- Because she sleeps late, she wakes up late too. I let her be, so that I can complete my housework in peace and sometimes have some me time too. Usually she wakes up around 10am.

- Her nap time around 3.30pm to 5.30pm (2 hours)

2. Meal
- She will have milk as breakfast until lunch time (around 1.15pm). Milk again after her nap and before sleep. Sometimes another milk feed middle of the night. (3-4 feedings of milk a day)

- Lunch and dinner eat what we eat. She eats better at home compared to outside.

- She has sweet tooth. She LOVES sweet things. She always asked for vitamins (she called it sweet sweet), chocolates, raisins, cranberries, yogurt drink, ice cream, belly button biscuit (the traditional small round biscuit with coloured sugar in the middle. Sometimes she will eat the sugar and leave the biscuit behind). Whenever she sees Darren eating mamee, she will ask for it too. She loves fruits too like grapes but dislike banana.

- She is not into bread totally. No to organic biscuits.

- She snacks non stop after dinner. Somehow after dinner, she will ask for things to eat. She will said, "mommy choose for bel bel. Be bel want to eat something." One after another ...Sometimes she will snack 5-6 types of food from dinner until bedtime. Maybe she knows the daddy will give her all the junk she asked for. Unlike during the day, I tried very hard to control her snack.

- She likes noodle and rice. Dislike porridge. She is more choosy than Darren.

3. Speech
- She is very talkative nowadays. She speaks quite well too. You can converse with her better.

- She loves to greet people..something I am proud of. Guess she follows the kor kor who loves to call people too.

- She likes to ask question like "What are you doing?" "What are you eating?" "Why XXXXX is here?" "Why? Whe kor kor cry/angry?"

- She can answer you very firm with her YES or NO when you ask her something.

- She can sing a few songs like happy birthday, teddy bear teddy bear, xie xie ni (thank you song in mandarin)....

4. Character
- She is very active, adventourous, playful, wild, rough, stubborn, persistant, socialable (especially with children), sensitive, complain queen.

- She will comfort herself when being scolded by telling herself that mommy was only "talking" to her and not scolding her.

- If you raise you voice a little bit or saying NO to her, she will cry, thinking that you scolded her.

 - If she is playing, she fall or hit something, she will not cry or even bother about it. But just a little bit skin peel off from her fingers, she will cry and hold her fingers as if her finger has broken. She always exegerrate her pain.

Example, she hit her shin bone at the staircase yesterday but she only started crying when she sees her shin bone bruised today. She will hold her leg and said she cannot walk and demanded to be carried and cried non stopped. She also want to wear long pants to cover the bruised area.

- She is a big BULLY to her kor kor. Always bully her kor kor by sitting on him, fight for his things...

Example: One day she bullied Darren and made him cried...then when she saw him cried, she immediately told him,

"Sorri..sorri..sorri..sorri..sorri...sorri..Darren (sounded very kan cheong)" Yes..,she called him Darren sometimes.
"Don't cry ok, are a big boy already..cannot cry ok?" (with comforting voice)
"Don't cry..don't cry.." (sounded more kan cheong and talked faster and louder)
"STOP CRYING..." (She shouted it loud and demanded Darren to stop crying)..

I couldnt stop laughing after seeing this..

- She can play very wild when she is happy.

- She is not a child who likes being cuddle tightly and kissed. She is not really favour  of physical closeness. She will find it very ticklish and tried to avoid. However, Darren loves to be cuddled and loved.

- But she likes to play rough like step on you, sit on you, jump on you, pull your hair, scratch you, hit you...more violant as compared to Darren.

- She is outgoing. She loves going out..despite her being very sleepy, once she is out, she won't look tired or sleepy but once get into the car, she will fall asleep very fast. Her favourite places are Carefour, shopping and watch movie.

- She is a fast learner too. You just need to teach her one or two times and she will pick it up.

5. Play
- She loves to play basically everything. She even play Darren's board game but to her way.

- She loves puzzles.

- She likes to play dress up. Once I dressed her up as a minnie and she refused to take it out even during bedtime. She was wearing her pyjamas with the pokka dot skirt outside. She cried for almost the whole night when I tried to remove her clothes.

- She is a vain pot. She likes to dress up even at home. She will wear socks, shoes, cap, bags, jacket around at home. She will want to choose her clothes to wear every morning. When she goes out, she always like to wear the dresses that made by my mil. Yesterday I bought her a watch and she has been wearing it since then...even to sleep...

This is how she dress herself up at home.
 - She loves playground. She likes slides..I think she likes adventurous activities.

- She is one child that I always feel like buying toys for her because as compared to Darren, she loves to play.

Overall, she is such a loving child to be with. I grow to love her more and more. I love to smell her. I really love this stage of her. I remember once I questioned myself how to love her as much as Darren because she was so hard to take care of but now...I can proudly say I do LOVE her as much as Darren...

Isabel, you have grown up so much little girl..I love you so much...*smooch*..

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