Friday, September 21, 2012

Tot school: 9/8/2012 (Thursday)

Again, today I told mommy I wanted to do pouring the minute I entered the study room. So, mommy allowed me to some water pouring.

Initially I couldn't control my motor skill and the cup was overflow. Mommy then taught me when to stop and not to overpour by pouring slowly. I then acquire the skill and slowly, I managed to pour it without overflow.

Remember I love anything that related to water. I spent about half an hour on this activity..repeating the pouring process.

Next, we revisited the pegging exercise again. I didn't do too well the last time and need some help from mommy. However, this time, I surprised mommy by clipping all the pegs on the bowls on my own without much effort. Yes...I finally pass this activity and my pincer grip has definitely improved a lot.

I repeated this activity a few times without much effort and mommy was so happy.

Next, mommy took out some ice cream sticks and let me form some shapes with it.   The first shape I formed was triangle, followed by square.

Later, mommy showed me how to form a house by placing the triangle on top of the square.

Then, we formed some letters.

After that, I lined up all the sticks together and started counting.

Mommy then gave me a long container and let me insert the ice-cream stick inside one by one. I like the sound created by the sticks when it drops inside the long container.

After that, we shaked and rolled the container on the floor and creating some sounds from the sticks inside.

Lastly, I took out kor kor's CSI set to play. Mommy taught me how to form a face by putting the eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair and face together. I like to form an "aunty". From then on, I called this game "aunty". hahahaha...

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