Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunway Live Musical Show - Beauty and The Beast

Mommy wanted to bring kor kor to the live musical show in Sunway Lagoon. She was hesitated to bring me along. She knows I love music and like to see dancing but afraid 2 hours is too long for me. Daddy said I will love it and after much thinking, she decided to bring me along. In the car, I kept telling mommy that I wanted to watch princess. Mommy said she will feel bad if she doesn't bring me along.

We went with yi yi SY, Charlotte jie jie and her friends. Daddy and grandma stayed back in Sunway Pyramid for shopping.

I love the tram ride from the entrance to the amphitheather. I love the company too as I like to play with Charlotte jie jie and friends.

When the show starts, I was a bit scared because the sound system was very loud and there were sound of thunder and lighting. There was a witch too. I am scared. So mommy carried and covered my ears.

Slowly I started to enjoy the show though I was still afraid of the loud sound. I was afraid of the beast initially but later mommy told me it was a bear transformed from a prince. I wasn't so frighten anymore.

I was watching and concentrating until the end of the show. I enjoyed the pop corn too. I love seeing them dancing the opa gangnam style too. I clapped hand everytime they finished a song or dance.

At the end, I was amazed with the bubbles blowing around us too. We also took some photos with the actors and actresses...

Mommy said luckily she brought me along. I enjoyed the show so much. I hope I can watch again.

After this show, I have been telling mommy "I like the prince. The prince is the bear."

Mommy is going to get me the book of "Beauty and the beast".