Monday, April 1, 2013

My 3 year old birthday..

Well..after much thought, mommy decided not to have a big birthday party for me this year..mainly because I still don't have any friends yet beside those musicgarden friends. All my cousins are big already. Also since we have no more kakak, doing it at home is definitely a NO NO. Do it outside also no point because we can only invite adults. Mommy said, it is better to use the money for party to buy new toys for me since I am already bored with all my toys.

My birthday fell on a Wednesday. The week before, my grandparents came down to deliver mommy's new car. So, we had a small dinner celebration with my grandparents and Ding gong gong and Boh poh on a Thursday night at Foods Lovers. Daddy bought a heart shape ice cream cake from Baskin Robin for that night. I was dressed up like a princess by mommy.

Then, on the Sunday, we were supposed to go out whole day to let me have fun at those play land but mommy was not too well in the morning, so we only left in the afternoon around 3pm. Mommy dressed me like a fairy on that day with wings on my back. Thanks to yi yi SY for buying me that set of clothes. After having lunch at Jo Jo pan min in Damansara, we went to 1U. I took a short nap when we reached the shopping center and daddy bought some new t-shirts. Then, we went to toys r us while kor kor take his turn to nap. I played in the toys r us for a while, then daddy brought us to a smaller play land to play. Since kor kor was still sleeping, mommy only paid for me.

I had so much fun playing at the playland although it was a small one. It is more meant for toddler and smaller kids. One of the little boy there tried to pull my spectacles and I was so scared. Wherever I see him, I will asked mommy to go and I didn't want to play with him.

Later kor kor woke up and joined me there. We had fun there for about 2 hours. Then we had dinner at Esquire Kitchen before proceeded to a car accesssories shop in Puchong to add a spoiler for mommy's new car.

Mommy still feel it is not enough for my birthday though we had 2 smaller celebrations. On the actual day, she brought me to GM Klang to buy me new toys. We had a toys shopping spreee there. I chose my toys and we ended up buying 6 toys for less than RM150. Mommy then bought a box of bubbles (RM12), a pack of 10 whistles (Rm6.90), 4 sticker and colouring books (RM10) and 50 pcs of stickers (RM20) for me.

On the way home, the skies was cleared and I fell asleep in the car. Mommy then decided to have a small birthday party for me at the park. So, she called up Hong Rui mommy and yi yi SY. SHe then searched for nice cup cakes for me. Finally she found it at Seasons cake shop. She bought 8 cup cakes that has clown face, angry birds, baskets of flowers...on top of the cakes.

Unfortunately....the minute we walked out from the bakery shop, the skies turned dark and it seems like going to rain. We have to change our venue from the park to our house. We invited Hong Rui, Ivan kor kor and Ivy mei mei, Charlotte jie jie to join me at home.

We blew bubbles at the porch, played whistles. The older children then played monsters and hide and seek at home. Then, we sang birthday song and distributed the cakes. Kor kor and I ate the cake even before having dinner.

That night, we had porridge for dinner. It was a fun short party for me. I was very happy. I like all the presents and at least we are not getting any "unwanted" presents this year...Mommy was super tired that night..hahaha...

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