Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sleeping on mattress

~3 years 1 month old++.

Yes..I have graduated from my baby playpen and to a single size mattress on the floor now. I was sick, with UTI by then and I always woke up complaining my leg pain. Mommy noticed my leg has been bent and no place to stretch..she suspected I am having leg numb due to the limited space in the playpen.

So, after I recovered, she decided to let me sleep on the floor on a single size mattress. Now, I have more space to roll around and freedom to walk around in the room at night. Mommy has to use the child door lock to put on the door knob to prevent me from opening the door in the middle of night.

However, everynight, I will walk a few times to the door and asked mommy this and that..."mommy, no monster right?" "mommy, only bel bel arr? No monster one ar?" "mommy, I want water.." "mommy, i want to ng ng.." Mommy is so tired of walking back to my room so many times until there was a stage she rather sleep with me.

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