Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Conversation wuth annabel

Mommy wanted to document down some of the funny conversation from you to mei mei..

You will always talk to annabel and think she can understand like to say..

Show me your BBIIGG mouth.. (when annabel trying to latch on mommy's breast)
You want to sleep? Sleep la.. (when knowing you need to sleep)
Dont waste milk, ok? Like jie jie..must finish milk one...milk very expensive. .you know?

You will always tell annabel..
I like your small cheek..rosy rosy cheek...they are so Ccuuttee.
I like your small small and ccuuttee.
Everything of you also so round..round hand..round head..round leg...round so so so ccuuutteeeee

There was ine afternoon you came back from school and ask mommy where is annabel and I showed u in the bb monitor that she is sleeping upstairs.  Mommy then walked to the kitchen. Very fast...I heard u opened the room door and heard you saying...
"Annabel....wake up..wake's time to wake up..." while touching annabel..
Mommy immediately rushed upstairs and scolded you why wake mei mei up. You denied and went downstairs.
Later I explained to you why cannot wake mei mei up and from then will tell me...
"Sleep want to sleep?  Sleep la..I won't wake you up sleep la.".hahahaha...isabel you are just so funny...

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