Friday, June 27, 2014

Swell on the head

Mommy was so worried about u yesterday. Teacher called earlier said u have mild fever and complain headache. Luckily not really fever. Came home nothing. Evening daddy came back said u already complaint headache the night before and he found a lump or swell on top of ir head. Could be u knocked ur head while sleeping.  Mommy checked and really found tje swell. Immediately mommy's heart dropped. It was exactly one year ago we found lumps behind ur ear. It was the swelling on lymph nodes. Now is ur head. Crazy thoughts run all over mommy's head. Moreover u complaint headache.

Luckily mommy asked daddy to bring u see doc this morning n found out it ia nothing. Just bone called frontalum something...thank god..

When mommy pick u up from school. ..teacher told mommy u have ulcer..oh no..another worry...hfmd...there are many hfmd going on in a few schools and mommy is super worried. Hope it is nothing....just heaty..

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