Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Ever PLAY DOH Month Brings Malaysian Culture to Life

Last Saturday, we were so proud to attend Malaysia First Ever Play Doh Event - sculpting Malaysia inspired PLAY DOH creations "Shape A Colourful Community" for The Malaysia Book of Records.

The registration started at 9,30am and we arrived there around 10am. The hall already full of people ..starting their creations with the colourful PLAY-DOH.

The versatile PLAY-DOH compound, with its wide range of colours and tools, can be moulded into every possible shape, giving free rein to every individual creativity and imagination. I have seen people sculpting Malaysia most loved foods and fruits, famous landmarks, costumes and cultural icons.

For Isabel, she chose to create the multi racial of Malaysia culture. Again, she moulded 3 mini people...Malay, Chinese and Indian.

As for me, she chose to mould a snowman on behalf of me...haha..I know it is not relevant..but again...I just let her do what she feels she wanted to....

So, we submitted 2 sculptures for The Malaysia Book of Records. Each sculpture was exhibited on giant PLAY-DOH stands and displayed in a vast exhibition of colours and creativity reflecting Malaysia's colourful community. And the most creative sculptures in 2 categories will win exclusive prizes!!!

 After submitting the sculptures, we attended the PLAY-DOH School, experimenting at the free play area and sample the new PLAY DOH Cupcake Celebration Playset and Swirl and Scoop Ice cream at the Sweet Shoppe.

Then, the PLAY-DOH mascot made its appearance. The enthusiastic children lined up for photos opportunities. Isabel is one of them..she is so happy because the PLAY-DOH mascot is her favourite colour - PURPLE.

Finally, I bought a set of My Little Pony creation set for Isabel. She told me, "Mommy, today is my happiest day.."

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