Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shape a colourful community and celebrate PLAY-DOH Day!!

Last week we received a parcel and it contained one of your favourite's a PLAY DOH party pack.

You are so happy after opened it and immediately you wanted to try create something. But mommy stopped you because mommy wanted to explain to you this special gift is for a special reason and I explained to you that it is a PLAY DOUGH day and we are going to build a colourful community represent MALAYSIA. We talked a bit about what is community about and what is so good about Malaysia community.

Immediately you came up an idea that you wanted to create a Malaysia flag.....(mommy is so proud of you that the first thing you think of Malaysia is the colourful Malaysia flag)

I let you create on your own and see what you came out with..and you started to create with your own hand.

Later, you suggested to add some flower and people ...and I took the advantage to explain to you our 3 main races in Malaysia. You know them all..Malay, Chinese and Indian...and you gave each of them a name..,Fatimah, Ah Mei and Muru.

And finally...this is the colourful and  beautiful Malaysia community that you have created using your own ideas. Good Job, Isabel....

I love seeing you playing with PLAY DOH because it gives you unlimited imagination play.  PLAY DOH has inspired young children to play, invent, experiment and sculpt their own unique creation.  It is also very safe for kids.

And this month is the first-ever PLAY DOH month.

From September 21 to 27 at Ground Floor HighStreet, 1 Utama, adults and children alike get the chance to create their own Malaysia-inspired masterpieces out of PLAY-DOH® – it can be anything you choose, be it sculptures or numbers and alphabets. 

As you create and re-create, you also get the chance to participate in The Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most PLAY-DOH® sculptures created in a single day on September 26 (Saturday), and a successful attempt will see your PLAY-DOH® creations on display for all Malaysians to admire, with the most creative sculptures winning exciting PLAY-DOH® prizes!

With PLAY-DOH® there’s really no limit to your imagination, and you can even work in teams or as a family to create something special by sharing ideas. As a tool to encourage learning and experimentation, it’s hard to beat PLAY-DOH® – through hands-on, structured play and encouragement children can learn many skills, from recognising shapes and colours to learning how colours mix and blend, and even social and intellectual skills such as collaboration and problem-solving.

You and your kids can get started to “Shape a Colourful Community” with some of these tips:

Step 1: Work as a team with your kids to imagine what everyone in the family think will best and most positively represent Malaysia.  You can even draw your ideas out first using colourful marker pens, colour pencils, or crayons.

Step 2: Materialise your idea using PLAY-DOH® compound.  Do experiment and encourage each other as you go along.  You can combine the different colours and mix them well with fingers until they become a different colour, and use any other items you have ready in the house to press patterns and make various shapes with the compound.

Step 3: Watch as you and your children transition your flat design into a colourful 3D Malaysia-inspired masterpiece creation!

For more information and updates about PLAY-DOH® Month, be sure to visit the PLAY-DOH® website:

So, we hope to see you there at the roadshow and together, lets shape a COLOURFUL COMMUNITY USING PLAY-DOH!


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