Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first month

I was like a normal baby during my first 2 weeks. When my 3rd approaching, I started to be difficult when come to sleeping. I needed to be carried to sleep. Towards the 4th week, I started to have colic.

I was taking around 2oz of milk during my stay in hospital. Around 3rd week, the confinement nanny inceased my intake to 3oz.

I already started smiling after the first few days of my birth.

My features:

Eye - although i have single eyelid, my eyes were not small and I have long eye lashes.

Nose - My nose is very high, unlike mommy's nose.

Mouth - I have a small nmouth.

Ear - I have a nice ear shape and folds.

Fingers - I have long and sharp fingers, like mommy.