Wednesday, April 14, 2010

During confinement month..

The confinement lady that mommy has booked earlier on last minute couldn't turn up. Left us no choice, mommy quickly find a replacement without much choices.

The late 50's years old aunty that come to take care of mommy and me turned out not too good. She is good in cooking but not good in handling me. Mommy only discovered that few days after she came.

What mommy realised..
- She has hygiene problem. She only used hot water to rinse my new bottle before using it. (Doesn't she knows it has to be "sterilised"?) She said hot water is as good as the sterialiser. From that day onwards, mommy get kakak to do all the bottle cleaning and sterialising work and handling of milk powder too. She doesn't trust the aunty anymore.

- The way she bathed me is like bathing an adult. She applied shampoo on my head, my body, my back and rub it on. I'm not that dirty until she has to use so much shampoo. Mommy told her to drop a few drops of the shampoo (sebamed) in the water and bathed me inside is good enough. She only followed a few days and repeated the same way again.
I don't like the way she bathed me also. She always splashed the water on my body, my head and my back until the water also goes to my eyes. Mommy asked her to use the towel but she never followed. When mommy told her the water goes into my eyes, she said my eyes is closed. Of course la, who won't automatically closed their eyes when the water is going in? I dare not even open my eyes.
She always wake me up and bahted me. She only followed her time and not mine.
I actually love water and bathing. But I just hate the way this aunty bathed me, so I always protest with loud cry when bathing. Poor me...

- Towards the 3rd and 4th week, she failed to make me sleep and I started to be difficult during late evening. Whenever I cry, she'll stuff me milk. She just like to feed me so much until daddy and mommy have to control her feeding me. I just don't like her making me sleep. Mommy was the one who makes me sleep most of the time.

- She likes to shake and sing "san gor" (mountain song - oldies) to me when feeding me milk. Mommy cannot tahan when she sees her that. So she is smart,she only do that in the room.

- When she change me or wipe me, she still on the fan or air-cond. Luckily I didn't catch cold.

- She is always so sweaty and smelly. She is always very "chou lou" (rough) when comes to handling me.

- She is very stubborn. Despite all the objection mommy has gave her on the things that she has done, she's still doing the way she wants. She doesn't listen to mommy's instruction.

Anyway, mommy already tried to take care of me as much as she can during the confinement month and couldn't wait for her to leave. Daddy sent her off early in the morning on her last day. Everyone was relief and happy.

Mommy can't wait to take care of me herself, so that she can compensate me back the time that the aunty "ill-treat" me. Mommy feel so bad for me as she feels that she could not provide the best care for me during my first month.

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prince n princess mum said...

my 1st confinement lady ffk also, 2 weeks b4 i deliver my son..lucikily we're able to find replacement...