Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Difficult baby

After the confinement nanny left, mommy took care of me 1 week. During the 1 week, I never let mommy sleep every night. Due to my bad sleeping pattern at night and colic, mommy needs to get up from the bed very frequent to attend to me. Since her wound has not healed properly, it was very difficult for her to take care of me. She looked so "chan" after 1 week.

My maternal grandparents then suggested mommy to engage a nanny to take care of me. Luckily someone recommended her someone and after few days of consideration, she decided to bring in the nanny. It is a temporary solution. She engaged the nanny for 1 month.

The nanny also thinks that I am a difficult baby after taking care of me 2 weeks. She doesn't want to extent her stay if mommy wants to do so. She cannot take it anymore.

See how I cry...