Saturday, May 29, 2010

My first outing

@ 2 mths and 2 weeks old

Besides going to hospital for my monthly checkup, I have not really been to anywhere before.

Today is Wesak day and mommy suggested to bring me to the buddhist centre for blessing. We didn't want to go to the big centre as there are too many people. Mommy prefer to go to Aunty WL centre as she knows the people there.

Kor kor was super excited knowing we are going to Aunty WL's buddhist centre (where he attended his playgroup). This is the first time I meet Aunty WL and Aunty KZ (we met aunty KZ there too).

I was behaving very well in the sling. In fact, I slept through. We spent about 1.5 hr there - has simple lunch, blessing session and visit the playgroup area. Kor kor played with his friend until he refused to go home.

After that, we proceed for lunch. Since we could not ta pau any food home (chicken rice shop closed, vegetarian shop finished selling all the food), mommy suggested we eat at a kopitiam. I was still on the sling while mommy is having her lunch.

Although it is just about 2 hr outing and it is so near, it is still consider an outing to me. My very first outing.

Dress up and ready to go out.

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prince n princess mum said...

Enjoy your first outing!~