Thursday, May 13, 2010

M 2nd month

Mommy engaged a temporary nanny to take care of me during my 2nd month.

I can sleep very well during the day, especially in the morning. My colic started around late evening (normally around 11pm, sometimes as early as 9pm till 2-3am.) Mommy fed me colic drops every evening. Mommy has to carry me to sleep during the difficult hours. Even after the difficult hours, i still cannot sleep soundly.I need attention almost every 15 mins. It was very tiring taking care of me at night.

My milk intake is still maintain at 3oz. I am on 50% breast milk (day time)and 50% formula (night time). I drink every 3 hours.

My awake hours is getting longer. I can respond to sound and smile. I like people to talk to me now.I will respond them with some gurl sound. I like to look at bright colour things too. I also start to make sound.