Sunday, May 16, 2010


Finally mommy bought the sarong.
She was so reluctant to get the sarong...kept on postponing the purchase and giving excuse of not able to get one.
Aunty was super happy.
First night I slept on it, I already requested to be shaked.
If not, I'll cry loudly and tossing around.
Mommy has no choice but to shake me slowly.
The minute she stopped, I'll wake up and she has to shake me again.
Mommy said seems like she is more tiring shaking me.
The good side is at least she doesn't need to carry me.

During difficult hours, sarong still couldn't do the trick.
So now, mommy only use the sarong few hours before bedtime (11pm till 2am)
After the 2am feed, I'll be put on the bed again.
So, I only got to sleep in the sarong once a day (sometimes none also).
Mommy is trying not to let me sleep in sarong so much.
She is afraid I'll get addicted to it.
Anyway i don't really like sarong too.
I still prefer people to carry me. hehehe...

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prince n princess mum said...

finally you bought one.. :p