Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 10 months old

Time flies...i'm already 10 month and 1 week old today. Mommy has not been helping me to do my monthly milestone for the past few months because she was extremely busy and she claimed that I have been giving her lots of problems. Well, you be my judge and see am I really a difficult baby that mommy has always claimed to be.

Weight & height not taken this month. Mommy guess my weight should be around 9kg++. Some people said I have long legs..not sure how tall myself is.

Feeding and solids..
Still taking 5oz of milk 6 - 7 times a day. Need to hold on to something and play while drinking milk. If not, I'll push away the bottle and refuse to drink. Most of times my face will be splashed with milk when I push it away. So, need lots of distraction for me to finish the milk.

Solids...sigh...mommy's biggest headache. I am refusing solids. I don't like mommy spoon feed me. I am very scared whenever mommy tried to put things in my mouth. So, I reject cereal, porridge, mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes, fruits..basically all food. Mommy tried 2 times of porridge and I was so scared on the third day that the minute I see the spoon, I will push it away and kept shaking my head. So, mommy is putting a stop here to prevent me having phobia of eating. She will try again when I am more ready. Surprisingly today I saw mommy eating apple and I showed interest in having. She tried to scrap some for me and I love it. So, mommy said she will try giving some apple to me tomorrow.

Side note: After the last episode of sickness, my stomach suddenly could not digest the brown rice cereal. I finished mostly 3/4 of the brown rice cereal before falling sick. After I recovered and mommy tried giving me again, I vomited all the cereal out after few hours. It happened twice even mommy bought a new can the second time. She dare not give me the cereal anymore and because of that, I started to have phobia in eating.

Another nightmare for mommy. Hehe..I am like an energiser battery. I don't sleep a lot and I don't sleep well at night. I am now taking 2 naps a day..ranging from 30 mins to 2 hrs. Wake up around 8.30 to 9am. First nap around 11am to 12pm. Second nap around 5pm. Make me nap not too bad but make me sleep at night is a nightmare. I just cannot fall asleep and it takes around 2-3 hrs to make me sleep at night. I will show sign of sleepiness around 9pm and after changing and all, I still refuse to sleep till probably 11pm++. So, mommy is very frustrated and tired by then. That also explained she has no time for herself too at night.

So, I am back to bouncing net whenever mommy fails to make me sleep by carrying me. Yes...I still cannot fall asleep on my own. But when I don't want, even bouncing net won't work. I will turn over in the bouncing net and want to crawl out.

Since I have started standing by holding on to the bars at the baby cot, I've knocked myself many times when mommy left me crying inside. Sometimes I'll wake up middle of night and demanded to be carried or refused to sleep, mommy will just let me cry in the baby cot till I am tired and sleep on my own. Mommy is getting more worried with all the knocking here and there, today she is trying to put me sleep in the play pan. She has moved the downstairs play pan up and see if I can sleep well. At least I won't injured myself in the play pan.

Some nights can be very terrible for mommy that she managed to sleep only 2 -3 hrs a night. I will cry and cry and demanded to be carry to sleep. Yet, the minute I change my position I will cry again. I just could not find a comfortable position to sleep..somehow I just feel uncomfortable, so i cry and cry lor. Teething maybe??? So now, the minute I sleep, mommy will quickly sleep too to catch some sleep before I start waking up and started crying again. Difficult huh??

Major milestones achieved..
Yes..I can stand by holding to something and walk sideway by holding to something. I can sit unsupported but sometimes I will still tumble over. I like to stand nowadays whenever I can reach for something to stand up.

I'm not so scared of stranger though I still don't allow strangers to carry me. At least I won't cry the minute I see them. The other day mommy brought korkor and me to another aunty house, kor kor and I were sitting so quietly throughout the whole sessions. Mommy was so proud of us.

I have 5 teeth and the 6th is coming out. 3 up and 2 down..another one is deep inside on the top.

I've started baby talk. I will mumble mumble..papapa..mumum..and other baby language.

I am crawling very fast now. I like to crawl on flat surface and especially the cold floor. Mommy purposely bought a piece of foam mat from Mini Toons to put on the floor in front of the tv area.

I love to smile. Well..some people said I am pretty..hehehe..but some do say I looked like a boy.

I love to play peek a poo and "ambo chak"..i know to use hanky cover my face and play peek a poo with mommy.

I love to look at books.

I love toys more than kor kor. At least I will spend some time playing toys.

I don't like to be left alone in playpan or walker for too long.

I like to go to kitchen or garden.

I accept stroller more nowadays.

I love soft toys, I will smile and start hugging or leaning my body over them when I see them.

I will smile whenever I see pictures of human.

I love children. I love playing with them and seeing them.

But most of all, I LOVE MOMMY! I am like a koala bear to mommy and only want mommy when I see her. I will give up whatever I am doing and want her to carry me. When mommy is carrying me, I want nobody and they have to force carry me away from mommy. When someone else is carrying me, the minute I see mommy, I'll cry and lung towards mommy. I am just very very attached to mommy.

Overall, mommy hates making me sleep and when I wake up, I'll greet her with my big smile and her heart melt again. That's my trick to win mommy back after a difficult night...heheh.. Will post some photos some other time. We need to sleep now. Bye and goodnite.

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Very details update.. Happy 10th month!