Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's introduce Annie & Angel...

a very backdated post updated by mommy

I was having bad throat infection back then (end Nov 2010) and doctor asked me to keep myself away from my children so that I won't infect them, especially Isabel. So for about 3-4 days, I kept myself mostly upstairs and I had all the free time to myself.

Surprisingly I did not rest or sleep much. I am not a person who love to sleep. In fact, I felt so bad that I could not take care of Isabel. So worried that she might get infected and she has just recovered from one round of flu, suddenly I had the urge to make something for her, so that the "thing" can be with her ALL THE TIME even though mommy is not by her side, so that the "thing" can protect her from all harms and dangers (crazy thoughts I know), so that the "thing" can provide her comfort and secure when she needs it...and then that's what came up into my mind - A DOLL..A HANDMADE DOLL by mommy with LOVE.

So, I surfed the net. I need this doll to be 100% child safe. So, there will be no buttons or anything that can "drop" off from it. I used cotton to make it comfortable to touch and hug. Since I have no sewing machine at home, I have to hand sewn the whole doll. I am not a person with good sewing skills and I hate holding needles. My palm will sweat like leaking pipe when I hold fine needles. Because of LOVE, love for my children, I managed to handsewn the dolls.

I finally finished sewing 1 at night (the main part of the body without the eyes and mouth and hair)and Darren spotted it. Immediately he fell in love with it and claimed that this is HIS doll. He fought for it and cried when I told him boys don't play dolls. Finally I surrendered and decided to give this to him and I need to sew another one for Isabel.

I never like making things twice but for the sake of my children, I sew another identical doll for Isabel. I spent another day completing them, still without the features. Then, with some guidance from my neighbour, I get the eyes and mouth up.

To beautify the doll, I add some final touches to the doll by adding socks, sleeves and ribbons to them. I'm glad that both my children love the doll to bits. It gave me so much satisfaction to see them playing, epscially Darren. He loves and plays with the doll more than Isabel. Even Isabel will "sayang" the doll when she sees the doll.

We gave the doll names. Darren chose the name "Annie" for his doll and I chose "Angel" for Isabel's one. Why Angel? Coz I wish this doll is the guardian angel for her, to protect and provide her security.

So, now, let's present Annie and Angel....

1st completion. without hair and features.

2nd completion. Features are in..

Final touches..

So happy to see how much my kids love the dolls...

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