Monday, April 25, 2011

Poor girl..another renovation is going on... poor is already 5.56pm and she is having problem falling asleep because of the loud screeching sound produced by the renovation work behind the house.

This is the 2nd renovation in less than 6 months times. The last one was in November, lasted about 2 -3 months. It was my left neighbour. Now is my back neighbour and Isabel's room is at the back, exactly facing the back neighbour.

Since she is already trained sleeping on her own, I can't carry her to sleep. She is also used to sleeping in her own room, I don't think I can shift her to my room and sleep. Even though I shift her, the sound is still as loud. Poor girl, has been crying on and off for more than 1 hr, trying to sleep but was disturbed by the renovation work behind.

Hate all this renovation...girl patient and try to sleep, ok???

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Leona said...

Agree with you,Mummy Darren.
I too absolutely hate when a nearby neaighbour starts pounding and drilling due to renovation . and the prob is it can go on for the whole month!!!