Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weaned off night feeding...

It has been almost a week since I have stopped midnight feed. It was started with mommy away from home for 5 days and daddy took over the night shift. I used to wake up quite frequent at night and I was still having about 1-2 midnight feeding each night by then.

I didn't like daddy feed me milk and I rejected the milk totally. I'll push away the minute the teats near my mouth. Daddy got to bring me to his room and provide me with lots of new things, only I'll start drinking. Mommy was so worried that I'll this new habits after she comes home.

Surprisingly, after a few attempts, daddy gave up and not forcing me for milk anymore. In fact I was happier when daddy just put me back in my bed and gave me my pacifier. I'll just roll over and sleep again.

So, when mommy was back from Singapore after 5 days, I've stopped midnight feed. The first night mommy still made milk for me but I rejected the whole bottle. I then slept till the next morning. So from then on, mommy stopped the midnight feed and just gave me pacifier should I wake up middle of the night.

Now, I'll usually wake up once, around 2am, if not, I'll sleep through the night till the next morning without midnight feed anymore. Mommy is very happy and proud of me.

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prince n princess mum said...

Mummy no need to wake up at night.. hehe~