Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eye Checkup

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On Tuesday, we brought Isabel for her eye checkup. I was feeling very uncomfortable with the idea of sedation and finally told hubby that I do not want her to go under sedation and will try our best to get the power without sedation. Even if we fail to get this time, we will try it again the next time.

She woke up around 10am that morning and we left for the hospital around 12.30pm after picking up Darren from his school. We reached the hospital around 12.45pm. The nurses were there to help us apply the eye drops for her. She definitely struggled and cried so badly. I hold her tight and there the nurses applied 2x eye drops on each eye. Luckily she was back to normal not long and did not cry much after that.

We then left for lunch in the hospital. Probably she cried and struggled too much during the eye drops session, she fell asleep during our lunch. She napped about 20mins and we brought her up back to the eye centre. The nurse force opened her eyes to check pupil dialation and hence woke her up. She was crying when she woke up. We tried to let her settled a bit before sending her for the power check. I let her played at the play area, I brought her to the room to familiarise with the environment here...I tried all ways to make her feel happy and comfortable but she did not seems comfortable. Probably due to her short nap, she woke up fussy. We took out bread for her, ipad that loaded with her favourite songs and shows...when the optometrist started to put the lense in front of her and shine the torch on her eyes, she started crying and hiding away from them.

Darren was there to help. We tried to show her how Darren did it..try all ways, but she still fail to calm down and co-operate. Until the optometrist told us that she needs to talk the doctor. While she was away, hubby tried to do the same thing on her. She seems fine when hubby did it on her but not until the optometrist came back. She started crying again.

Then the nurse came in and told us that she needed to be sedated in order to get her power check. I was puzzled and reluctant. However, we followed what the nurse told us to do - took her weight and waited for the prescription of the syrup for sedation. I then informed the nurse that she has running nose but the nurse said that it is fine. She should be tired enough to sleep easily after the struggle just now. But later, they told us that the doctor wanted to see us.

We then went to see the doctor and the doctor said it may be too late now to sedate her. It was already 3pm by then. She then tried to check on Isabel's eyes, and she started crying again. She then instructed me to hold her head straight and restrict her hand and head movement. She did a quick check on her eyes and finally the power was obtained...

RELIEF...a big relief...we finally got her power after using "force".

The doctor told us that her power is around 800 long sightedness for both eyes. My heart sank. The doctor recommended glasses for her. Because now her muscles are helping her to see, hence very straining for her eye muscles. Slowly she will develop a squint. When asked whether I can wait or not, the doctor said unless we want to wait till squint appeared. The decision are ours but she strongly recommended glasses. It is a matter of when we are willing to give her the glasses to help her. If we give earlier, it will help her to see clearly earlier. A clear vision is important for a child. Just hope that Isabel can adapt to the glasses faster.

Lastly, the doctor also checked on the nerves in her eyes and said everything seems normal. SHe then gave us a prescription of 600 for both eyes to start with and see how she goes.

After discussing with hubby, hubby felt that it is better to give her glasses, so that it can help her to see clearly. Since she definitely needs a glasses somehow, why not do it now and help us, instead of delaying it and it may pose the risk of getting squint and lazy eyes later. Prevention is better than correction. So we finally reached a final decison that we needs to get her a pair of glasses soon.

It seems like a simple decision but it is not simple at all to me, as a mother. I just want to enjoy hugging and kissing and being close to her face without any obsturction. I just want to look at her pure and innocent look without any accessories on her. Once she is on the glasses, she will be on it FOREVER. This is something that I need to accept and overcome with.

While we were looking for spectacle frame for DArren the last week, we already started looking one for Isabel too though we have not get her power check but we know her chances of wearing glasses. We found one rubberise spectacles and is meant for baby like Isabel. This is a preview of how is she going to look like with a spectacle on her....we will be getting this for her...

Look at the poor Isabel, she was so tired after the eye drops struggle and fall asleep in hubby's arm.

p/s: Isable, mommy is so sorry of what you have to go through and it is just so painful for me to see you struggle through the test. We just want the best for you and mommy loves you so much. Mommy wish mommy can protect you from all harm and mommy is feeling so helpless in this. We love you...

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