Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Outdoor Fun

I wake up around 8+am most of the morning and started this 2 days, mommy allowed me to go out and play at the porch area. Sometimes morning, sometimes in the evening. I have been going to playground in most evening nowadays together with kor kor.

This morning, I woke up at 8am and the weather was just so nice. So, kakak brought me outside while mommy was having her breakfast. Later, mommy joined me outside. I love balls, I love to kick ball too. So, I play ball, I stand at the gate looking at the cars passing by and point at the car and said "". I run, I look at fishes at the fish pond..Around 9.30am, the sun started to come out and it was all sunny and hot. I was so sweaty by then and my hair was all wet. I even played with my shadows on the wall. I don't know what was it initially. The black thing in front of me kept following what I do and I stood there for some time making different action. Lastly, I even want to "sayang" my shadow on the was so funny...

It was a great morning. I was all tired after came into the house. Mommy treated me banana after washing my hands and legs while listening to my children song. What a bliss!!