Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mommy is proud of you, baby..

It is 1.03am and is thundering outside. Hubby and Darren are aound asleep and i am here looking at the baby monitor. Three of us are in the same room except my baby isabel. She was making some noise just now and i went in and comfort her. She must have wanted me to sleep with her because of the loud thunder but I left her alone after i feel i have done enough to provide her the comfort that she needed. She fussed a little bit more but i let her be. She knew i am not gonna go in anymore and she went baxk to sleep on her own,

Now looking at the baby monitor, she is sleeping soundly despite the loud thundering. I feel guilty of letting her be alone in another room. But on the other hand, i also feel proud of her. She is definitely going to be an independent and brave girl next time.

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