Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pneomococoa jab + Roseola Virus

updated by mommy on my 1 year 5 months and 3 days old.

Poor girl...I took her for Pneumococoa booster jab last Wednesday morning and she ended up have fever for 3.5 days. Not normal fever but HIGH fever.

Doctor said her fever after the jab should only last for 24 to 48 hours. When she developed her fever on Thursday night, instinctly we linked the fever up to the jab. We only gave her Paracetamol syrup. I didn't take it too seriously as I know the fever is normal. However on Friday, her fever never subside at all even after the fever medicine. Her body was warm the whole day, especially hot at certain hours. However, she was still active.

Until Friday night, her fever never subsided even after a few round of medicine. I started to get worried when it approached 10pm++. As the medicine didn't help, what if she developed high fever at night? Which I might not able to detect since she is sleeping in a separate room. Hubby was outstation and not back at that hour and I started to call my sister for advise. Finally, I drove out to a 24 hr clinic around my area at 11pm to buy a suppository (Voren 12.5mg) and Ibuprofern to replace the Paracetamol syrup. I also bought "Bye Bye Fever" from 7-11.

She was sleeping soundly when I checked on her at 12am++ and her temp was around 37.8. It was not high, so I didn't disturb her and I went to sleep. Hubby came home around 2am+ and woke me up, telling me that Isabel's temp was 39.2. I got a shock. But she was still sleeping soundly. Without hesitation, I went to her room and checked on her. Somehow I woke her up. I then took the chance to give her the suppository. ABout 2 hrs later, she woke up crying but she was sweating all over. Thank God that her fever has subsided by then. It was the first time that her fever was under control since she developed her fever.

However, her fever came back the next morning. I gave her Ibuprofern and it helped a bit throughout the day. But towards the night, Ibuprofern didn't seems to work as well somemore. Her fever came back very fast and her temp could be quite high.

So happened hubby's aunties were around and stayed with us. I have to take out Isabel's room to accomodate the guests. So, we put Isabel to sleep with us. What a wrong move....she didn't sleep well at all that night. It was so difficult to make her sleep. While she was soundly asleep (still with fever on), I moved her to another area as she was sleeping under the air-cond, I woke her up. It was about 2 hours after she slept (around 2.30am, she slept around 12am++), she didn't sleep until 7am. Can you imagine that???? I fed her medicine and she refused milk. She kept making noise and I brought her downstairs and she finished 1 VCD. She lied next to me watching the whole VCD while I dozed off after 1/4 of the show. When the show finished, she woke me up by making some noise.

I carried her up but she still refuse to sleep. She crawled here and there..and I was trying to be extremely patience with her. It was until 5am++, that I lost my patience. I let her cry... and she woke hubby up. I was super frustrated and angry. Hubby wanted to take over but she only wants me. I brought her down again and on the show but she still seems not happy. By around 6am++, my helper woke up and she took over. I went upstairs and I started crying......it was such a stressful night for us. I feel so bad that I let Isabel going through this (changes in her sleeping routine and environment) while she is not well. I also blame myself for not standing firm to secure the room for her since I know she is such a fussy sleeper. I was feeling so down and depressed that I can't stop crying and my heart was full of blame. Anyway, she finally slept again in my helper's arm around 7am.

Back to her sickness, she was not her own self on Sunday. Her appetite has dropped. She refused milk totally. She only have bread and water for the whole day. She looked lethargic and kept having high fever despite giving Ibuprofern. Around 2pm, we decided to send her to Columbia hospital.

It was a right choice as her temp was 39.5 when we were there. The doctor gave her suppository and sponged her with water. She struggled so much and was in fear. Poor girl. Doctor said her throat was red and it looked like bacteria infection. With her high fever and poor appetite, he prescribed her antibiotic. Finally she fell asleep in my arm. We were allowed to go home after half an hour after the sponging to confirm her temperature has dropped and another 15 mins after a doze of antibiotic is given to her to see if she is allergic to it. We were home by 4pm. (Note to myself: Antibiotic given - Clarithromycin (Klacid).)

I napped with her that evening and she just looked so tired the whole day. She was so clingy and cranky. She will just make noise and we didn't know what she wants. On Sunday night, her fever came back around 3.30pm and I have to give her another suppository and another doze of antibiotic.

Monday morning, she looked very dull. Not really responding to our calls or commands. We were extremely worried. She also appeared very lethargic and tired. She woke up 8am and wanted to sleep again at 9am. It was very unusual for her. She slept till 10.30am. We then decided to send her to Sunway hospital.

Immediately I called Darren's school to arrange him to stay for day care for a day. Packed everything and I drove to Sunway at 11.30am. Saw the doctor and doctor confirmed that her throat was red and he asked us to continue with the antibiotic. As in her not responding well to us, we need to observe her for a few days. In case she still react the same even after the fever subsided, we need to send her back again. But according to the doctor, Isabel looked fine.

Went home and she napped again. She has been napping a lot on this day. Towards night time, she appeared more active. She also accepting her milk at night time. It was a great relief that her fever did not come back anymore the whole day. I still sleep with her at night to monitor her for one more day. She was so active that night (probably sleep too much during the day) and refuse to sleep till 12am++.

Today, she is back to her own self..though her appetite is still not too good. Her body started to develop rashes..Now I know...she was infected with Roseola virus..same thing that Darren had it when he was 1 year old. I checked back my blog and discovered that they have the same symptoms.

She is now on the road to recovery and back to her active self. But her "manja" and moodiness are still here. She is also back to sleeping and napping on her own today (I was so worried she will refuse to sleep on her own again after I have been sleeping with her on the queen size bed in her room for 2 days.).

Poor girl...from taking the jab to the last visit to doctor in Sunway hospital, she is now so afraid of doctors. She was taking the fever medicine very well at the beginning but not after so many rounds and different type of medicine. Now we have to force the medicine in using the syringe. I feel so sorry for her.

Isabel, mommy feels so sorry for you that you have to go through all these. Mommy hope you will recover soon and gain back the weight (0.5kg) that you have lost in this few days. You are already small size, now you looked even more fragile and thin. Mommy loves you!!!

Look at the red spots on her body..

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prince n princess mum said...

My daughter got Roseola when she's 9 months old... The high fever's really scary... Dr said need blood test if still continues, never feels so relief to see the rashes coming out. At least, we know the cause of the fever and need not to take the blood test......

Hope Isabel fully recovered by now... Take care!~