Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mickey's safety Club Showcase at Petronas StreetSmart Exhibition

Daddy and mommy brought us to the Mickey Mouse Showcase at Petronas KLCC few weeks back. I was greeted by Mickey Mouse at the entrance. I was so excited to see so many people and alsoc cartoon characters inside.

Kor kor played some driving game while I watched him play. Later, mommy get us all sit down on the floor and gave me a box of colour pencils and paper to colour. I scribble and scribble, hoping to win something from the colouring contest.

Later I saw kor kor walking up the stage and I called kor kor DArren from down here. I was wondering why kor kor went up the stage. Then kor kor brought back a paper bag and I wanted to see what is inside. So, I ransacked the paper bag and found a water tumbler. Wah..I want it..but kor kor said it is his..:(

Anyway, we had fun playing some games there and me running around. There were so many people and I was not afraid running around.

Kor kor was so loving on that day and wanted to take care of me there. He hug me and tried to hold me tight so that I won't run around.

When it was towards ending, there were some "big doll doll" coming out and dance on the stage. I kind of scared but also find it interesting. But mommy told me it is just doll doll...I wanted to see them but I dare not touch them. When they said hi to me or come near me, I immediately hide behind mommy.

I was so tired after the whole event and fell asleep in my stroller. But I had a great time there.

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