Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mommy missed sleeping with you..

Dear Isabel,

You have been sleeping with us in the same room for the past 3 nights and 3 naps due to the suspicious of mites bites in your room. Tonight, you are back into your own room, though you are not recovered yet but we are quite sure you are not bitten by any insects. Mommy started to miss sleeping with you, having you in the same room as us.

It was difficult for the first 2 nights. You were too excited sleeping in a different environment and refused to sleep past midnight. Mommy was tired and frustrated making you sleep till I threathen to put you back in your own room. Daddy was the one managed to make you sleep finally. You really know how to bully mommy, huh?

But you slept like an angel throughout the night. Mommy slept with so much peace too, knowing you are by our bedside. You hardly woke up crying because you don't need to. Mommy can sensed your movement in the same room and you usually will call "mommy" when you woke up. We slept till late morning, well since we slept late too and mommy followed every of your sleeping and nap time. I enjoyed watching you while you sleep. This, I have been missing since you are sleeping on your own.

Tonight, mommy is feeling something is missing, with you not by our bedside. Well, you have to get back to your room as mommy is going to work tomorrow and no one is able to accompany you sleeping in mommy's room. So, you have to sleep back in your own room. On one hand, mommy feels that you are such an independent girl but on the other hand, mommy feels so bad for letting you sleep on your own. Well, I guess we should think of the positive side instead of the negative. You are instead a very independent girl...

Good night my baby! Hope you sleep well tonight and sweet dream.

Love you much,

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prince n princess mum said...

Sweet dreams... No matter u're sleeping with your mummy or in your own room..