Friday, February 17, 2012

My spectacle frame broke

On 15/2/2012, while mommy was cleaning my spectacle in the morning, my spectacles frame suddenly broke. Mommy was surprised as it was an expensive rubber frame (supposed to last for ages) meant for babies and toddlers use. How can it be so fragile? I have used it for only about 6 months and I didn't play or pull it.

Immediately mommy called the optometrist and luckily we can get a new replacement for free. But it caused mommy so much hassel to drive all the way to Kota Damasara with kor kor to get it done and replaced.

However, this new one seems better than the old one as it fits nicely compared to the previous one. Don't know why as it was supposed to be the same. The one is tighther though because it is new.

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