Saturday, February 18, 2012

What bite me? Or is it allergy?

Mommy noticed there were quite a lot of bites on my legs last week when she changed me in the morning. She thought it was mosquitoes bites. She asked kakak did I play outside the porch but kakak said no. Mommy was working in the office during that week. Kakak and grandma were taking care of me during that time.

Mommy applied some cream for me and left the issue aside. The next day, mommy noticed that the bites didn't seems to be from mosquitoes but maybe some insects. However, she thought it was a one time off kind of bites I got from don't know where.

But I was getting more and more bites each day..till this Monday, I get another big batch of bites again. Grandpa was concerned, everyone was concerned..whether it was an allergy or what could have bitten me till like this??

Mommy checked and saw some puncture hole on each bite and automatically we assumed it was some insects bite. It was so so so itchy till I was scratching it all over till left me with very bad scares on the bites. It bled too. Mommy felt so heartache seeing me like this.

Kakak sunned my mattress and changed my bedsheet didn't help. Mommy changed my sleeping bag and put mozzi patch for me at didn't help. Daddy flip and "hit" my mattress to shake away the insects, it didn't help..basically everyone tried all ways but I just have new bites everyday. It is getting worse..

Until Thursday evening, mommy brought me to see doctor. Even doctor couldn't tell what causes that..Well, the new bites didn't seems to have the puncture hole since mommy was preventing me from scratching it. Could it be allergy? But mommy said I didn't try any new food or medicine lately..I was prescribed some antihistamine medication and daddy bought me a hydrocortisone + antiseptic cream to apply. It cost mommy RM96 without an answer to my bites. The doctor nowadays same like the insect who bites me..suck all our blood and money..

Anyway, daddy also bought some anti dustmites spray to spray on my mattress.

To protect me from more bites, mommy let me sleep in her room since Thursday. However, I still get new bites the next morning. Then, that morning, kakak asked mommy to finish the remaining cake grandma left for us since Uncle Edwin's birthday. It was a walnut cake and I love it too when Aunty HS fed me that day. Mommy was not back from Bangkok yet on that day.

Mommy suddenly paused..what??? I ate WALNUT cake and also the mini cornetto that contains NUTS. She immediately called doctor and asked could it be "nut allergy"? Doctor said it is possible. Now, mommy has better answer..

We are still not 100% sure is it the nut allergy but it seems like it because I still get new bites each day though it is getting lesser and lesser. The hardest part is to prevent me from scratching it because it left very bad scaring on my legs and arms. Mommy just hope I will recover was just too stressful for everyone to think/find out what bites me and worse it..I am suffering from the itche and scarring on my legs and arms...

Why my skins so sensitive one? From plain itchy to mosquitoes bites to allergy during CNY and now I am suffering another round of skin problem....sigh...

Taken on 14/2/2012 (Tuesday night)

Taken on 15/2/2012 (Wednesday)

Taken on 16/2/2012 (Thursday night)

Bad isn't it?

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LittleLamb said...

oh my my. has the doctor verified that its nuts? i hope the itchness will be gone soon.