Friday, June 15, 2012

My first Genting trip

On 15 May 2012, daddy brought us to Genting.
It was a 3 days 2 nights family trip organised by lauyi Judy, together with my grandparents, lauyi Ana and lauyi Angela.
It was my first Genting trip.

We left during my nap time, so I slept all the way up the hill.
When we arrived Genting, I saw lauyi Judy in our car.
Immediately I greeted her and called her.
Later, I started to see more people - grandma, grandpa and other lay yis too.

The weather was cold, so mommy put on a jacket for me.
This jacket was from kor kor when he was young and he used to wear this to Genting too.
I was very happy seeing so many people and get to run around.

When we were in the hotel room, I was so busy walking around
from room to room since we have an adjoining room with my grandparents.
We stayed in Highlands hotel, so it was quite spacious for us to move around in the room.

Not only the hotel room, I also like to play at the Arcade center.
Pressing buttons here and there.
I also wanted to sit on those rides but mommy said wait till next day.
On that night, lay yi Judy also prepared a surprised birthday party for kor kor in our hotel room.
I also received a small present from lau yi Angela.

Maybe I played too much..or maybe I was not used to it..
I didn't sleep well on the first night.
I started crying in the middle of night and just couldn't stop.
I think I woke everyone up.
I cried for almost 2 hours.
I slept in between daddy and mommy while kor kor slept with my grandparents in the next room.

The next day we went to the Outdoor Theme Park.
I get to sit a few rides and I was enjoying myself with all the rides, like train and aeroplane rides.
I just like it so much.
Sometimes, I also insisted to walk on my own, instead of sitting in the stroller.

In the afternoon, I had my nap in the stroller in the Indoor Theme Park while kor kor went for his bumper car ride.
Later, we went back to the Outdoor Theme Park and had a few more rides.
Then, we passed by a playground and I was having fun playing with a jie jie there - playing with the slides and climbing here and there.
It was getting very cold, so we have to leave the Outdoor Theme Park around 5pm.
Luckily the second night I slept much better. I almost slept through and woke up quite late the next morning.
After brunch, we checked out and left Genting around1pm.
While checking out, mommy brought me down and took some pictures for me.
I also enjoyed walking on my own in the spacious hotel lobby.

I had a good time in Genting and hope to have more of this holiday.

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