Sunday, June 17, 2012

Princess talking...

Situation 1:
After our trampoline session yesterday evening, kor kor and I were lying down on the trampoline. I took out my pillow and bolster and hugging them quietly on the trampoline. Kor kor was chatting away with mommy. Mommy then noticed I was very quiet and lying down quite still without moving a lot.

Mommy: Isabel, what are you doing? You are so quiet.
Isabel: Bel bel sleeping. Don't disturb.
Mommy: Oh...

Situation 2:
Last night after my dinner, kor kor still hasn't finished his dinner. He was eating at the table and I took a toy stick and wanted to hit kor kor.

Isabel: rotan kor kor. (kor kor trying to avoid)
Mommy: Isabel, no no. Cannot hit kor kor.
Isabel: (walked in front of kor kor and point the stick in front of him and said loudly) EAT!
Mommy and kor kor was shocked and started laughing.
Isabel: EAT! EAT FASTER! (with sticks pointing at kor kor and a fierce look)

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