Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I have a very good brother..

copied from Darren's blog

Situation 1

Darren: Mommy, look at Isabel. NOOOOO (screaming)..don't take kor kor's things. This is kor kor's one.
Isabel: (snatching kor kor's thing). I want..I want..
Mommy: No Isabel. This is kor kor's one. Give it back to him. You can have this one.
Isabel: I want this. I want this.
Mommy: No..Isabel. Give it back to kor kor.
Isabel: (started crying and throwing tantrums)..
Darren: Ok lah..ok lah..kor kor don't want already. You take..

Generous kor kor..

Situation 2
When Isabel bullies Darren and mommy punished Isabel, Isabel will cry out loud..
Mommy: Say sorry to kor kor.
Isabel: sorry (while sobbing)
Darren: sorry who? say sorry kor kor.
Isabel: sorry kor kor.
Darren: I know you are a good girl right? Next time don't do it again ok?
Isabel: OK (still sobbing)
Darren: Say, I won't do it again.
Isabel: won;t do it again.. (still crying)
Darren: Ok..don;t cry already. not pretty anymore. Smile, show kor kor how you smile.
Isabel: kor kor hug hug.
Darren: Ok..come and hug hug. (Hugging each other). Next time don't it again ok?
Isabel: OK..

What a sweet moment..

Situation 3
Isabel made mommy very angry and mommy is ignoring Isabel.
Darren: Mommy see, mei mei is climbing the cabinet.
Mommy: Let her be.
Darren: Isabel, no no. Come down. (pull mei mei down)
Darren: Why mommy? Isabel make you angry ar?
Mommy: Yeah lor. She is so naughty. I don;t want to take care of her already.
Darren: Never mind la. Mommy, you rest. I take care of her, ok?
Mommy: ok.
Darren: Isabel, no matter how naughty you are, I will still take care of you, ok?
Isabel: Ok. (nod head).
Darren: Isabel,you see. You make mommy so headache already. Next time you don't make mommy angry ok?
Isabel: OK.
Darren: Say sorry to mommy.
Isabel: Sorry.
Mommy: (still keeping quiet)
Darren: Mommy, Isabel say sorry already. She won't do it again next time. Friend friend again ok? Don't angry at her, ok?
Mommy: (try not to smile, nod my head)
Darren: Come, hug hug ok? (trying to get Isabel and mommy hug together)
Isabel: Hug hug...

Mommy's peacemaker..

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