Thursday, June 21, 2012

Madagascar 3 & Petrosains

2 Sundays ago, daddy brought us to KLCC. It was a day full of events.
We went for a movie - my 2nd movie in a cinema in the afternoon.
It was Madagascar 3.
The show was actually a charity show organised by kor kor's bau bei school.
We bought the ticket from them and also donate a ticket out to the orphan, so that the orphans also have a chance to watch the movie.

I was happy when I was in the cinema.
Since we were early, we get very good seats in the center.
I was standing and looking at the children around and started to play withe a jie jie sitting in front of me.
Mommy was worried I will make noise but I proved her wrong that I enjoyed the session very much.
When the show starts, they dimmed the light slowly and luckily I am used to sleeping in the dark, so I am not afraid of the darkness in the cinema.
I like the show because there are giraffe, zebra, lion and peguin in the show. All my favourite animals and I know them so well.
I was busy talking and telling mommy things in the cinema until mommy has to stop me, so that I don't disturb other people.
The show was funny too and I laughed so loud.
However, I fell asleep half way through the show.
So, mommy can watch the show in peace again.
I woke up when the show finished.

After that we went to Petorsains.
I like sitting on the Dark ride and I requested to walk on my own inside.
I like to explore and play with the things there.
Daddy was so worried about me until he prefers to carry me.
So mommy was walking with kor kor while daddy taking care of me.
Then we reached a place where I can play slides and blocks there.
It was meant for children below 6 years old.
I like the slides and happy sitting there while daddy get to rest.

After petrosains we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant.
We then went home after dinner since my grandparents were waiting for us at home.
Half way through the journey, I fell asleep again.
Reached home, mommy bathed me and immediately changed me.
I went to bed very early that night - 9pm while kor kor had a late night chatting away with my grandparents.

I had a good day at KLCC.

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