Monday, August 27, 2012

Princess says...@ 2years 5 months and 2 weeks old

Every morning when she sees me smiling when i first greet her in her room, she will sure says,

"mommy happy!"

This morning, she told me, "bel bel make mommy happy."


Whenever she needs help on something, she will scream, "" exactly like her brother..

Just now while she was playing lego, she asked, "help me take out this one.". After i helped her, she said "welcome mommy". Hahahaha.....

She is very good in saying 'thank you' after each time we help her on something and i will reply her by saying 'welcome'. She must have thought i am correcting her to say welcome instead of thank you.

She can build a car very nice now with her set of duplo lego. She built one just now and i complimented her, " wah...your car is so nice.". She replied, "no..this is not car, this is a cho cho train, mommy."

After a while, she told me, "this is not a train, mommy. This is lego."


Whenever she sees me doing housework, she will offer me her help by saying, "bel bel help mommy fold clothes/hang clothes/sweep floor.". What a thoughtful girl...


Sometimes she likes to call her kor kor by his name...especially when she ordered him to do things like..

"Darren, go bathe bathe....."
"Darren, wake up...."
"Darren, go and sleep..."


One day, i was watching taekwondo on the television during the olympic, she was playing but suddenly she stopped and asked in a very surprised tone,

"what happened? What happened, momy?"

Before i can answer her, she continued by saying,

"oh..fall down..the man fall down mommy. He kicked. Why mommy?"

It was funny seeing her expression that time. She looked so innocent and worried for the man at the same time.


Her speech is definitely getting better and better each day. She is starting to talk on longer senteces now with 4-5words string together. The other day, she even started using the word 'because' but not the right is fun to talk to her nowadays...

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