Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Princess says...@ 2years 5 months and 2 weeks old and 2 days old

She knows daddy and kor kor are "handsome"...while mommy and Isabel are "pretty"....


Yesterday mommy asked the children to pick up the toys before leaving for a walk in the evening. Darren was fast and even helped Isabel picked up her toys while Isabel was not helping at all. Mommy saw that and instructed Isabel to pick up the toys too. Isabel picked up a few toys happily and said to Darren,

"See, bel bel good. Helping you, Darren!"

*slap head*..who is helping who here...


Anything that she is afraid, she will comfort herself by saying she likes it and it is good. Example,

"Bel bel likes ants/spider/dust (flying around). Ants/spider/dust is good."


Last night we sent Darren to music class and she was there playing in the waiting area. Suddenly she hide her face around me and when I asked her why, she told me,

"Uncle look bel bel."

I asked her to greet the uncle hello and she did even with her hand waving at the uncle.

"Hello uncle."

The uncle replied back with a hello and she reported to me,

"Uncle say hello to bel bel."

Same thing happened when an aunty was looking at her. We did the same thing but later the aunty was laughing while talking to another lady. Isabel hide her face again and told me

"Aunty laugh bel bel"


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