Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One active night...

Just now when mommy placed me into the bed, i refused to sleep and was still active.

Mommy: Tomorrow do you want to go to music class? If you want, then you need to sleep early.
Isabel: (shake head) dun wan..
Mommy: don't want?
Isabel: want to go carrefour.
Mommy: carrefour? How about going to music class first, then we go carrefour, ok?
Isabel: ok..

After saying goodnight and all, mommy left the room and i was singing and talking on my own in my own bed for some time. Then i asked for milk milk... Mommy was hearing all these through the baby monitor in her room. She then came out and make milk at the hall outside. I could hear the milk bottle sound and i shouted happily..

Isabel: yeag..mommy make milk milk already...

Then mommy walked into the room with the milk and i cheekily greeted mommy,

Isabel: good morning mommy!

After some time, i still could not sleep, guess who i called for help? Of course not mommy.

Isabel: daddy...i want daddy...i want daddy bau bau...

Yeah..finally daddy came to my rescue...because i am daddy's little darling mah....the minute i manja daddy, daddy sure cannot tahan and fulfill all my request...

And now...after pooing....from 10 plus until 12am i was asking this and that...it is really time to sleep....goodnite everyone.

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