Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tot school: 12/07/2012 (Thursday)

Sorry for such an outdated post. Will try to catch up as much as possible.

Today mommy wanted me to try something more advance..using a syringe. She doesn't know whether I can do it or not but no harm trying she said. So, she took out the medicine syringe and 2 bowls. One filled with water and another empty one.

Unfortunately I couldn't handle the syringe yet. I failed to pull the syringe up . So, mommy immediately changed the idea of giving me a dropper. This should be easier as I just need to "squeeze", hold, let go and squeeze again. I had a good time playing with this. I laughed so much whenever I squeezed the water out. The water shoot out so fast and even had some funny sound. I played for some time.

I even had a good look at the dropper and tried to drop the whole thing in the water and it floats. It is just so funny.

Then I proceeded to pour the water from one bowl to another. This helps to improve my pouring skill. Well, I love water play, remember?

Since I love water so much, why not letting me bathe my little animals?

Yes..mommy then took out a basket of small animals, a bigger tub of water and a towel. She taught me how to wash/bathe the animal, wipe dry with the towel and lined up in front of me. I like bathing them.

Next was photographic memory exercis.

Photo memory - fail but good try

Space memory - fail but good try

Instant memory - fail but good try

Block memory - better...score 3 out of 4

Mommy then took out the colour box 2 for me to see if I showed any interest. The last time I showed no interest in colour box 3.

So far, I am ok with colour box 2 but mommy needed to help me a bit as my interest is not too strong in this game though I can recognise all colours.

Finally, mommy took out a sticker book and let me peel and stick the stickers. Another good exercice for my fingers.

What a good day and I think we completed quite a lot today.

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